How to use bright colors in bedroom?

Many of us end using neutrals colors in bedroom. Neutrals are beautiful when done well and can be used to decorate room but there is no reason not use bright colors in the bedroom. People love to use different room wall colors; from bright colors, bright as accents to all out color. Here is an inspiration for you about how to use bright colors effectively in your bedroom.

  • While selecting bright colors for bedroom walls, choose the base for walls as white and then add sizzling bright colorful artworks on walls. This would reflect fun, funky and colorful but not overwhelming at all.
  • If you are looking for an easy and safe way to add bright color on your bedroom walls, then go with a comforter that mixes funky print and designs with a whole lot of color. This could be an amazing fun.
  • If you want your bedroom walls to be full of colors and pattern of bright colors than remember to use slightly muted bright colors that are not overly intense.
  • The large expanse of white betting and the romantic white canopy provide a cooling counterpoint to all the hot colors.
  • If you have a gypsy soul or have a personality that cries out for self expression, go for your own creativity without fearing. Because what you love, is right for your bedroom.
  • Use bright color on one wall and blend the rest of the room with black, white, gold and wood tone colors.
  • When you are using bright colors on bedroom walls, to keep the look balanced- use plenty of bold patterns spread throughout the bedding.
  • If you want to get compliments on your use of bright color, skillfully compliment the walls. Use high contrast and hot color decor that works every time. Complementary colors are those that sit directly across from each other on the decorating color wheel such as blue and orange, green and red, purple and yellow.
  • Add plenty of white to keep things under control, and you will have color combo that looks great in any room.
  • Add a totally unexpected shot of contrasting color on the legs of the furniture. It is enough to shake things up and great touch of whimsy.
  • To develop a mistake proof decorating palette, use analogous colors. Choose any three colors that sit right next to each other on the color wheel.