Our homes that we’ve built are our places of safety and sanctity. In our homes, we not only find peace and solace, but we also find the freedom to be ourselves. It is the place where we can actually be who we are without any doubt or fear. It is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

People dream of building their own homes since they are kids. They save all their money to have enough so that they can build the homes they’ve always dreamt of living of. Melody Home Designs helps them to realize that dream. It is an interior designing company that gives you the perfect house that you’ve always wanted.


Melody Home Designs is one of the best interior designing company that helps you turn the idea of your dream home into reality. There are a few ways in which every designing company works. They help you in the following fields:

CHOOSING THE CORRECT COLOUR SCHEME FOR YOUR HOME:The color of house matters a lot. The color practically decides the ambience the house is going to have. Different colors create a different look into your house. Some colors don’t suit a particular type of home structure, while some colors just do. Interior designing helps you decide which color scheme would be best for your house. IT gives you a palette of colors to choose from, and they give you information about the pros and cons of choosing a particular color. They also give you ideas and looks that might suit your house, regarding color schemes.

CHOOSE THE TEXTURE OF YOUR WALLS: The texture of your walls is another important aspect of your house. The texture of your also helps in designing the ambience of the house that you’re going to live in. If your walls have an uncanny texture, it is the first thing that people will notice once they enter your home. Interior designers help you choose the perfect texture for your walls and help them get color coordinated. They’re professionals, and therefore they can give you the very best of ideas regarding the texture of your walls.

CHOOSING THE FURNITURES AND THE FURNITURE PLACEMENT FOR YOUR HOME:Furnitures help keep the home filled with things. Without your furniture, your homes are practically empty. But the position of the furniture matters a lot when you’re designing your home. The type of furniture that you’re going to need, the style of furniture that suits the design of your home, all of these matters quite a lot.  Interior designers help you choose the type of furniture and give you advice regarding the placement of those furniture.

OTHER DECORATIVE ITEMS:Your house isn’t only made up of walls or furniture now is it? There are several other decorative items like wall hangings and photo frames that adorn your house. Interior designers help you choose the type of decorative objects that would go with your house.


There are several ways in which an interior designer helps you design your home. Therefore, it is essential to hire one when you’re panning to build or buy a new house.


Nothing is good in extremity. Any sort of feeling, hot or cold, happiness or sadness, nothing in reality is good in extreme quantities. But mother earth doesn’t believe in these things. There are places all over the world, which are located far away from sea shores, and therefore suffer extremities in temperatures. Summers are extremely hot and winters are extremely cold. In winters, you can shield yourself from the cold using thick woolen clothing, but when the summer heat reaches its apex, there’s not much you can do than stay in. If you dare go out, the vicious sun is powerful enough to melt you down.

In such times, we look towards technology to help us. Technology has seen great advancements in the recent times, and it has given us many ways to beat extreme temperatures. Air-conditioners are one of them. Air-conditioners have proven themselves to be one of the best devices ever made that can save us from the melting heat outside. They are used all over the world in bulk amounts.

But having an air conditioner takes a lot of responsibility. It is a device that needs to be treated with care and caution. If air-conditioners are not used with caution, they won’t last very long. Air-conditioners aren’t exactly cheap, so taking care of it would make it the money’s worth. Additionally, keeping your air conditioner clean and healthy will also help in reducing your electricity bill.

If you stay in Singapore, and you’re wondering which is the best company that you can hire to take care of your air-conditioner, the answer is Eurohub Aircon Services. It is one of the most popular companies operating in Singapore that is capable of taking care of your air-conditioner perfectly. They provide honest evaluation and diagnosis, and a full island coverage, so no matter where you live in Singapore,you can avail their services. They also have flexible booking slots and a team of well-trained professionals who are guaranteed to give you the best experience. They are the best aircon servicing and aircon repair company in singapore.

There’s another company which is almost as good as Eurohub Aircon Repair Services. If you want to check it out, here are the details.

The Cold Max Aircon Services provide one of the very best aircon services in Singapore. They provide all kinds of aircon services, for all companies starting from installation to chemical wash, chemical overhauling, aircon gas top up, etc. They have a group of extremely well-trained workmen with good professional ethics who are sure to give you the best aircon repairing services, and the company guarantees you satisfaction. If you’re wondering why you should give this company a chance, there are many reasons for that. Other than having a team of trained professionals who are good at what they do, they also have no hidden cost. So, you can be sure you get what you paid for, nothing more, nothing less. There are also several great reviews on their website from satisfied customers all over Singapore, which you can see for yourself and then decide. Nonetheless, they are good at aircon servicing singapore.


Both the companies strive to provide you with the best aircon servicing and aircon repair experience in singapore.